I guess I can't talk about things I enjoy anymore I am simply too jimmy newtron big brain for my own good

I fucking love Lovecraftian death/doom metal.

Seems like a neat kanban-board and task manager. Written in Go, pretty minimalist. And it's fucking Викуня! A llama.


Dear government,

if you think that ice cream named "Rainbow" is indirect lgbt propaganda, how come our ministry of transport is still named "MinTRANS"?

Rin Pleromavna Patch,
Turning Point Russian Federation
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Ministry of Moonbutt Science

Министерство науки и высших магических традиций имени Её Ворчливости — принцессы Луны. Уютное русскоязычное место в глобальной сети Fediverse для свободного и дружелюбного общения по теме франшизы «My Little Pony», технологий и не только.

English speakers are welcomed as well!