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На сейчас играет длинный плейлист. Можете в какое-то случайное время зайти и проверить, насколько оно смотрибельно, будьте добры? Чатик со смешными (нет) картиночками присутствует, можете даже пошитпостить.

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matrix got even more VC money. hope they still have the passion to get things going again.
@kaniini for someone not interested in Pleroma development you seem to comment about Pleroma development a lot.

SoapboxFE is a web interface. It has no political agenda. It doesn't hurt or harm people. It doesn't harass or stalk people. It doesn't stomp on anyone's right to exist. It's a webpage to display data from PleromaBE.

We can as mature adults criticize and shame someone for their bad behavior separately from an analysis of code they wrote. We use inventions made by abhorrent people _every day_ of our lives. How exactly should we as a society grapple with this problem?

The guys who delivered my washer/dryer set may very well be homophobes. Should I have asked 20 questions before accepting delivery? Cancelled if they held beliefs or views I disagree with?

I don't eat at Chick Fil A. I never have. They probably have good chicken, but I know they fund things that are very, very bad, and they're politics are shit. Up until recently an organization in Nigeria(?) that was part of repressing and violence towards the gay community there was funded by them I think? Too lazy to google it.

I detest churches and religions, so I don't go to the largest local gym chain because it's owned by crazy fundies.

But this is open source. We only have so much control over what people do with our code after it is released to the public. If I was an artist, I can't keep a sex offender from buying my painting once it has left my hands. If I was an author, I don't get to choose my readers.

I can only try to be the best version of myself every day, and hope others in contact with me pick up on it.

Navigating this stuff sucks. It's a huge distraction. I've already spent too much time thinking and typing out this post. Let's cancel cancel culture because this is fucking _stupid_.

Now if this behavior moves from speech to actions; from words to violence -- yeah, we need to quarantine this person from society. (And I understand people can be harassed into suicide -- that's not just speech anymore).

Let's slow down and keep things within context: this person is not a representative of the project. SoapboxFE is not going to become The Official PleromaFE.

ReiserFS is still probably in your Linux kernel (it's still in the tree) and he killed his wife. But I think we can find a way to appreciate some of the great code he wrote without being smeared as a murderer apologist.

I'm kinda curious about Matrix. They say it's like a successor to IRC but more, just not sure what that more is as of now.

This Matrix:

Embrace tradition, extend tradition, extinguish tradition.

Депутаты предлагают сажать за незаконный оборот криптоактивов на 7 лет. Законопроектом также запрещается распространение в России информации о выпуске или обращении цифровых валют 

Let’s try this new feature out.

Anal Cunt were more musically talented than Adel could ever hope to be.

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