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It's really hard to break up a monopoly; first, there are the practical considerations - the protracted legal wrangle that consume all the resources that competition regulators have and then some.

The most recent attempt to break up IBM lasted from 1969-82, and in each of those years, IBM's legal bills exceeded the ENTIRE BUDGET of the FTC's antitrust division. Toxic monopolists have deep pockets and huge upsides, and they can and do spend like crazy.


> Blockhappy admins: " is bad, it's full of nazis"
> *Has cat-ears and lets you send people hecking patpats*

Well, I did it. I went off and wrote my own emoji picker.

I never really wanted to get this deep into emoji, but I started this project two months ago and… somehow, here I am.

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Ministry of Moonbutt Science

Министерство науки и высших магических традиций имени Её Ворчливости — принцессы Луны. Уютное русскоязычное место в глобальной сети Fediverse для свободного и дружелюбного общения по теме франшизы «My Little Pony», технологий и не только.

English speakers are welcomed as well!